'Smiling Cloud' is a shop for your own unique wonderland.

Designer...Maker...Artisan...Fairy Tale Lover.

Designed and made with love in sunshine island country Singapore.

Exquisite home decors/home accessories/gifts, handmade with my heart and soul, for creating your own unique home corners and to give away as Gifts. XOXO

Previously known as Etsy seller 'RaineStyleHome', I wanna explore more platforms though, and to introduce my design to the world : )

Smiling Cloud

Welcome to 'Smiling Cloud'.

Simply want to put a Smile on you.

These exclusively handmade products by me are inspired by my daily life, the nature,fairy tales,culture and more.

I love to create very unique home decors and gifts for your own wonderland home, as well as to give away for your beloved ones : )

Happy shopping!